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Unit 1 - 6115 4 St SE
Calgary AB  T2H 2H9
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Jaw Coupling Half 14mm Series 24

ID: TRM4320_0

This aluminium jaw coupling fits a 14mm shaft and connects to another half coupling with a spider.

$6.80 $3.40

Quantity Available: 27

Qty Price
5 $3.26
10 $3.13

This jaw type half-coupling can be used to connect a 14mm shaft to another shaft. It is held in place by two set screws, and fits together with another series 24 jaw coupling of any shaft size with a hard elastomer spider in between.

Jaw type couplings are ideal for high-torque applications and applications where shafts of two different sizes need to be coupled. This series of couplers are rated for torques as high as 610 kg·cm and speeds of up to 4000 rpm.


  • Use this to attach a 14mm shaft to another piece of shaft
  • Connects to another Series 24 coupling and spider
  • Tightens on with two 2.5mm set-screws
  • 5mm keyway for a solid connection to keyed shaft


This jaw type half-coupling connects to any other series 24 half-coupling with a coupling spider pressed in between. The other half and the spider are both sold separately.


Jaw Coupling Spider

You'll need a coupling spider to connect this jaw coupling to another. You can find a list of compatible spiders below:

Product Physical Properties
Part Number Price Material Shore Hardness
Jaw Coupling Spider Series 24
$2.25 Elastomer 95-98A

Jaw Couplings


Jaw couplings are designed to connect to other jaws in the same series, which gives you the option of coupling two differently sized shafts together. Between the two jaw couplings, a coupling spider is used to hold them in place while still allowing for a small amount of flex. The jaw couplings in the list below will fit together with this coupling:

Product Physical Properties
Part Number Price Inner Diameter
Jaw Coupling Half 12mm Series 24
$6.85 12 mm
Jaw Coupling Half 0.5" Series 24
$6.85 12
Jaw Coupling Half 14mm Series 24
$3.40 14 mm
Jaw Coupling Half 5/8" Series 24
$6.85 58
Jaw Coupling Half 17mm Series 24
$6.85 17 mm
Jaw Coupling Half 19mm Series 24
$3.40 19 mm
Jaw Coupling Half 24mm Series 24
$3.40 24 mm
Jaw Coupling Half 25mm Series 24
$6.85 25 mm

Worm Gearboxes

This coupling can also fit onto the input shaft of the following worm gearboxes:

Product Gearbox Properties
Part Number Price Input Shaft Diameter Gear Ratio Maximum Strength of Gears Gearbox Series
85Nm 50 Series Worm Gearbox 30:1
$92.50 14 mm 30 : 1 85 N·m 50

Rotary Shaft

If you're building a rotary transmission system of any kind, chances are you'll need some rotary shaft. Here's a list of rotary shaft compatible with this shaft coupler:

Product Physical Properties
Part Number Price Diameter
14mm Single Ended Output Shaft for Series 30 Worm Gearbox
$4.45 14 mm
14mm Double Ended Output Shaft for Series 30 Worm Gearbox
$5.00 14 mm

Product Specifications

Physical Properties
Material Aluminum
Coupling Rated Torque 611.8 kg·cm
Coupling Rated Speed 4000 RPM
Inner Diameter 14 mm
Keyway Width 5 mm
Hex Key Size Required 2.5 mm
Customs Information
Canadian HS Export Code 8483.60.00
American HTS Import Code 8483.60.80.00
Country of Origin CN (China)