Products for USB Sensing and Control
Products for USB Sensing and Control

Phidget22 Changelog

Version OS Changelog
  • 1057_3 bugfix - counts could be lost sometimes
  • Various other bugfixes
  • MOT0100_0, MOT1102_1, TMP1200_1 support
  • New firmware for HUB0001_0, HUB0004
  • Server discovery bugfix
  • Fixed bug where USB device can become unresponsive when the PC wakes from sleep, on Windows
  • Error events are now rate limited to 1/second where a channel is sending the same error continuously
  • Fixed some minor bugs in RFID behaviour
  • Library logging improvements where the same message is being printed continuously
  • Labview fixes
  • 1014_3, 1017_2 support
  • Fixed some edge case deadlocks in the network server
  • Fix bug opening PositionController channels over the network
  • MOT0110_0 support
  • Added min/max sensor getters to the Spatial channel API
  • Changed phidget22 license from LGPLv3 to BSD-3-Clause
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Update .NET native dll search paths so .NET 5.0+ self-contained published apps can find the embedded phidget22 C dll
  • 1032 bugfixes and new firmware
  • Support for newer USB Phidgets on Android
  • JavaScript control panel bugfixes
  • Minor bugfixes
  • JavaScript library v3 release with support for WebUSB
  • Removal of support for unreleased products in release library
  • Bugfix where opening the Hub channel on a VINT Hub can interfere with opening a channel on Port 0
  • Ubuntu 22.04 package repo
  • New firmware for: DAQ1000_0, DCC1000_0, OUT1001_0, OUT1002_0, RCC1000_0, REL1000_0, REL1101_0, REL1101_1, TMP1100_0, TMP1200_0, VCP1001_0, VCP1002_0
  • Fix for RFID missing events in JavaScript
  • Added DataRate API
  • Bugfix for negative rescale factors on BLDC, Stepper and MotorPositionController
  • Windows control panel graphs can run for longer
  • New firmware for: 1044_1, ADP1000_0, DAQ1200_0, DAQ1400_0, DCC1003_0, DCC1100_0, DST1002_0, LUX1000_0, MOT1102_0, OUT1000_0, STC1000_0, STC1001_0, STC1002_0, STC1003_0, STC1003_1
  • Fix thread safety issue when controlling multiple channels of one device from multiple threads, or using async API calls
  • New firmware for 1048_1, 1048_2, DAQ1300_0, DAQ1301_0, MOT0109_0
  • Windows control panel supports firmware downgrade
  • Spatial API adds EulerAngles and Quaternion properties
  • New firmware for DAQ1400_0, DCC1001_0, DCC1002_0, HIN1100_0, HUB0000_0, HUB5000_0, LCD1100_0, LED1000_0, MOT0109_0, SBC3003_0, TMP1101_1, TMP1200_0
  • Support for extended vint properties
  • Fix for missing/late position change events on 1052, 1057
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Fixed a bug where a USB IN packet can be lost
  • Add redistributable entitlement to macOS dext
  • Support for MOT1102_0, MOT0109_0
  • Expand valid range for analog sensors
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Compass calibrator stops rather than crashing after max data is collected
  • Fixed a Labview crash
  • Minor bugfixes
  • RCC1000 control panel fix
  • JavaScript fixes - handle missing packets, and don't throw exception when packets are unknown.
  • Support REL1101_1
  • Added DIGITALOUTPUT_FREQUENCY Channel Subclass
  • Changed OUT1100_0 (v120+), REL1100_0 (v120+) subclass from DIGITALOUTPUT_DUTY_CYCLE to DIGITALOUTPUT_FREQUENCY
  • Added firmware upgrade to phidget22admin tool
  • Fix macos jni library name
  • Add download for Processing
  • DCC1100 Firmware upgrade
  • WinUSB support for future Phidgets
  • Manager added to LabVIEW
  • Fix race condition in async calls in .NET
  • Updates to Windows examples
  • Added graphing to Windows control panel examples
  • STC100X, 1067 firmware upgrades
  • Fix for v601 1012 on Linux
  • Support for macOS Big Sur and Apple Silicon
  • Added sensor types for MOT2002
  • Reduced the DCC1001 default stall velocity to something more real
  • Added sensor types for MOT2002
  • Reduced the DCC1001 default stall velocity to something more real
  • Re-release as McAfee started falsely detecting a previous release as infected
  • macOS fix for some device serial numbers showing a '9' at the end in error
  • Fix macOS kext
  • macOS updates for developing self-contained apps. Standalone Control Panel. DriverKit extension. Support macOS 11, iOS 14, Xcode 12.
  • Update Java support to allow JNI/JAR library mismatches
  • Don't require reboot on macOS installer
  • STC1001 firmware upgrade - Fixed bug causing motor not to move
  • STC100X firmware upgrades
  • Fix bug in BLDC example in the Windows Phidget control panel
  • Fix library crash when 1055 recieve a > 128-bit code
  • 1067 Firmware upgrade
  • Fix missing Devices in Python native package
  • Release Phidget22Native Python package which includes the Windows C library
  • HUB0000, HUB0004, HUB5000, DAQ1000 firmware upgrades - reliability improvements
  • Add missing Java source files
  • Fix Java on macOS
  • Update Java library so C libraries location can be specified with -Djava.library.path
  • Added missing 1042 v303, 1044 v403 firmware upgrade files
  • Remove excessive mkChannelId logging
  • Fix bug where accessing Network Server webserver could cause the server to crash, on Linux
  • Fix JavaScript Library bug where certain channels could fail to open, get confused with channels on other boards, etc.
  • Restrict NetworkServer webserver file requests to docroot
  • Added Frequency to the DigitalOutput API
  • Added logging API to LabView library
  • Fix for RCC1000 v110 not accepting 6v, 7.4v
  • Initial support for PhidUSB devices
  • Fixes to 64-bit LabView library to prevent crashes
  • Firmware upgrades for OUT1101, OUT1002, allowing voltage to be set before enabling
  • Firmware upgrade for DCC1000, fixing saturation warnings before max current
  • Firmware upgrades for REL1100, OUT1100, allowing settable PWM frequency
  • Firmware upgrade for RCC1000, fixing TargetPositionReached behaviour
  • Fix possible control panel crash
  • 1067 firmware update
  • Fix bug where initial data events could be sent when attach fails
  • Add updater to windows control panel
  • Deal with locales where decimal seperator is not dot
  • Fix potential crash when network server cannot send data to clients quickly enough
  • Firmware upgrades for STC1000, STC1001, STC1002, STC1003, 1067
  • DAQ1400 supports setSensorType and the SensorChange event
  • Fix kernel driver for macos versions prior to 10.11
  • Speed up server discovery
  • Python and JavaScript library bugfixes
  • Fix crash when calling async function from Java with newer JREs
  • Fix HIN1101 bug - could report erroneous index data in event
  • Add magnetometer calibration menu item to windows control panel so that remote spatials can be calibrated
  • Firmware upgrades for STC1000, STC1001, STC1002, STC1003, HUB0000, HUB0004, HUB5000
  • Support for macOS 10.15 Catalina
  • Fix bug that could cause a channel to stop responding after repeated open-close-open cycles
  • Switch Linux to async libusb. Less likely to miss packets on a busy system
  • HUB0000/HUB5000 reliability improvements
  • Fix USB suspend/resume behaviour on macOS
  • Firmware upgrades for HUB0000, HUB50000, LCD1100, 1044_1
  • Fixes to Swift library and examples
  • Fixed possible crash in getLastError
  • Fixed LabVIEW Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Magnetometer getTimestamp VIs
  • Experimental support for async libusb
  • Unknown Phidgets are now shown as an unknown device instead of remaining invisible
  • Network client can open server channels with a different channel class version
  • Fix possible deadlock on Linux when VINT device is opened-closed-opened
  • Javascript library throws an exception when trying to get a value that's unknown or undefined
  • Open with timeout now waits for initial device state before returning
  • Failsafe API added to VoltageOutput
  • Don't allow DCMotor/BLDC motor and motorposition channels to be opened at the same time
  • Support for 1044_1 and the AHRS Spatial API calls
  • Release DCC1002, DCC1003, STC1003 support
  • Fix LabView bug with arrays in events on 64-bit
  • Failsafe API added to BLDCMotor, DCMotor, MotoPositionController, PowerGuard, RCServo, Stepper
  • Firmware fixes for STC100X VINT devices
  • Fix some incorrect error case logs
  • Fix GPS Date after April 6 2019 week rollover event
  • Bump version from to
  • Add getLastError API for exposing extra error information.
  • Fix IR Transmit bug in .NET
  • Extend ResetLibrary API call to also reset networking
  • Fix GPS Date after April 6 2019 week rollover event
  • Bump version from to
  • Add getLastError API for exposing extra error information.
  • Fix IR Transmit bug in .NET
  • Extend ResetLibrary API call to also reset networking
  • Fix installation error on macOS
  • Add library and header to /usr/local/ on macOS so working in C and Mono is more seamless
  • Fix bug in Phidget_resetLibrary and Phidget_finalize on macOS
  • Bugfixes for using Phidgets in Unity
  • Performance optimizations
  • Fix macOS bug where devices need to be plugged in after reboot on some Macs
  • TMP1101_0 v107 firmware released
  • Fix memory leak on Phidget_delete when commands have been sent to that channel
  • Fix oldOSX release for OS X 10.6
  • Fix occasional mutex lock assertion failure after Phidget_finalize() is called
  • Allow getChannelClassName on detached handle
  • Added Failsafe functionality to REL1000, REL1100, and OUT1100
  • Updated macOS libraries for 10.14. Added Notarization. OSX 10.5 - 10.9 supported by a seperate installer.
  • Allow getChannelClassName on detached handle
  • Added Failsafe functionality to REL1000, REL1100, and OUT1100
  • Fix for DAQ1000 latest firmware to allow setting VoltageRatioInput SensorType
  • Fix for HUB0000, SBS3003, DAQ1000 latest firmware to allow setting VoltageInput SensorType
  • Upgrade HUB0000, SBS3003, DAQ1000 to measure up to 5.25V in VoltageInput mode
  • JavaScript library fix for control panel
  • Linux USB fix where device could fail to attach until program restarted
  • Fix error with ClassName and ChannelClassName in previous release
  • Support dark mode in macOS control panel
  • Fixed potential deadlock on detach
  • More relable firmware upgrade on macOS
  • Dictionary store corrections
  • Fix Python _async functions
  • Fix network server deadlock on mDNS publish timeout
  • Fix RFID bug where TagPresent could return unknown
  • Fix possible crash when detaching network opened devices
  • Low level SBC3003 vint hub reliability fixes
  • mDNS fixes
  • Minor fix for 1065 in control panel
  • Fixed Android issue with enumerating multiple USB devices
  • Fixed Python bug not being able to find library on Linux
  • Fixed bug where hub port mode of in use hub port channel could be reset by opening another channel
  • Fixed bug where hub port mode could be reset without a serial number being specified
  • HUB0000 and SBC3003-HUB0004 firmware upgrades
  • getAttached() changed to return false during initialization and attach event.
  • Minor bugfixes
  • SBC web interface projects page updates
  • Allow setDutyCycle() 0/1 on digital outputs which don't support PWM
  • Add BLDC example to macOS control panel
  • Firmware upgrades for 1024, LCD1100, DST1200, DCC1001
  • Fix crash in control panel
  • Fixed default precision on FrequencyInput
  • Fixed network open possible invalid timeout / error
  • Set Distance to unknown when it goes out of range on DST1000
  • Remove unused DataAdapter channel class from release library
  • Other minor bugfixes
  • Added extra target SDKs (.NET Core 1.0 & 2.0, .NET Standard 1.3 & 2.0, .NET Framework 2.0 & 4.5 & 4.6) to .NET library nuget package
  • Fixed Labview
  • Bugfix: openWaitForAttachment could give an invalid timeout
  • Avahi timeout fixes
  • Fixed some network open corner case errors
  • Fixed win32 calling convention errors
  • Fix errors in encoder index position
  • Release .NET library on
  • Mac Control Panel fix
  • JavaScript v2 library released
  • writeDeviceLabel fix - was only allowing 9 characters
  • Fix 1204 possible lock-up when sending calling initialize immediately after sending another command
  • Added support for DCC1001, DST1000, LCD1100, STC1001, VCP1100
  • Logging subsystem bugfixes
  • Support entering password in JavaScript control panel
  • Fix openWaitForAttachement - don't leave channel open on failure case
  • Handle SKEL better on macOS
  • LabVIEW bugfix - can crash on .vi close if Phidget open fails
  • MOT1100, MOT1101 new firmware
  • Swift library
  • Add firmware upgrade files to macOS control panel
  • Other minor fixes
  • Fix Dictionary Scan in C#
  • Fixed DistanceSensor getSonarReflections (C API change)
  • Fixed Log getSources in C# and Java
  • LabView fixes
  • Other minor fixes
  • Fix close on 64-bit LabVIEW
  • Fix opening a Manager channel in C#
  • Java fixes
  • Android library and examples released
  • Added Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial repository
  • Delay enable packet so defaults can be changed in the attach event
  • Minor updates and fixes
  • DAQ1400 bugfix
  • Extra checking for arguments
  • Improve open performance when opening many channels
  • Other minor bugfixes
  • Control panel fixes for older macOS versions
  • Fix bug with network server password on www server
  • Fix Java Manager events not firing
  • Windows control panel fixes for multiple instances
  • Add MotorPositionController example to mac control panel
  • Handle Unicode server names
  • Mac control panel bugfixes
  • Various minor firmware bugfixes
  • Updates to firmware upgrade over network server
  • Fix DST1200 over network server
  • Update position and velocity before sending stopped event for STC1000 and STC1001
  • Release MotorPositionController API, with firmware update for DCC1000
  • Fixed a bug with 1048 not returning data after 3 voltage input channels are opened
  • Added compass calibration program
  • Added firmware upgrade to macOS Control Panel
  • Fix VoltageRatio and VoltageInput unit info for cm, mm and g units
  • Fix setChannel in JavaScript library
  • TextLCD device fixes (1203, 1204)
  • Rename builtin SHA functinos so as not to conflict with OpenSSL
  • Network Server creates dictionary folder if missing rather then exiting
  • Rename builtin SHA functinos so as not to conflict with OpenSSL
  • Network Server creates dictionary folder if missing rather then exiting
  • Windows Control Panel GPS Example fixes
  • Added support for round 2 VINT devices
  • Minor fix to stepper stopped event
  • Fix HUB0000 bug on Linux, macOS
  • Update HUB0000 firmware to v118
  • RCServo, Stepper fixes
  • Various minor bugfixes
  • Fix Java Manager and getParent behaviour
  • Fix network server shutdown bugs
  • Fix bug related to detaching during attach
  • Fix Python getParent, getHub, and Manager attach/detach retain/release
  • 1002, 1046, 1047 bugfixes
  • Python manager bugfix
  • 1002, 1046, 1047 bugfixes
  • Windows control panel Voltage Ratio Input example fixes
  • 1045 Bugfix
  • Control Panel fixes
  • 1002, 1046, 1047 default to enabled on open
  • Minor remote writeLabel fix
  • Windows control panel fixes
  • Remove code to check driver name on Linux
  • Initial Release