Products for USB Sensing and Control
Products for USB Sensing and Control


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Touch / Human Input

Products in this category are designed to allow users to interface with you Phidgets program, by means of sliders, dials, joysticks, or touch sensors.

Touch sensors use capacitance to detect contact with a finger or any material that changes the capacitance near the surface of the sensor, just like a modern touchscreen. Many capacitive touch sensors can sense a change in capacitance without a direct touch, enabling the sensor to be hidden behind a thin layer of a non-conducting material such as glass, plastic, or paper. This makes them ideal for touch panels to control your program.
ID: HIN1000_0

Touch Keypad Phidget

Use this array of capactive touch buttons as a unique way to control your Phidgets.

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ID: HIN1001_0

Touch Wheel Phidget

Use this capacitive touch wheel and buttons as an intuitive user interface to your Phidgets system.

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ID: HIN1100_0

Thumbstick Phidget

Make a custom controller for your project with this thumbstick. Two-axis with a center pushbutton, it plugs into a VINT port.

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ID: HIN1101_0

Dial Phidget

This dial has a fully continuous range of motion and a center pushbutton. Connects to a VINT port.

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ID: 1016_0


This touch wheel recognizes both contact and proximity. Connects directly to a USB port.

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ID: 1112_1

Slider 60

Ideal for user input, this slider has 60mm of travel and connects to an Analog Input or VINT Hub port.

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ID: 1113_0

Mini Joy Stick Sensor

This two-axis joystick has a momentary pushbutton switch and connects to two Analog Inputs or VINT Hub ports, and one Digital Input.

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ID: 1116_0

Multi-turn Rotation Sensor

This multi-turn potentiometer measures 10 full rotations, useful for input applications that require a fine adjustment.

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1129_1B - Touch Sensor
ID: 1129_1B

Touch Sensor

Detect a touch through up to 1/2" of glass or plastic with this low-cost capacitive sensor.

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