Products for USB Sensing and Control
Products for USB Sensing and Control

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If you're looking for a solution right now, check out our documentation. We want our documentation to be so good that when you are, say, coding away with a pressing deadline and the clock reading 1:00 am, you can find the answer right then and there, on our web site. Because we've been there at 1:00 am too.

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Experiencing problems?

To troubleshoot a problem with a Phidget device or program, we strongly recommend using a systematic approach to pin down the source. Although Phidgets are designed to be easy to use, they are a complex system with many levels of interfacing between the Phidget, cables, possible networking, operating systems, USB ports, the Phidget Libraries, and ultimately your code.

General Troubleshooting

New with Phidgets?

Phidgets are building-block tools for sensing and control from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Using the programming language of your choice, you can create applications that use Phidgets to interact with the physical world. Phidgets connect to a USB port of a computer.

What a phidget is