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Recommended Load Cell

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We are trying to measure less than 1 newton of force and are looking to use a 'Phidget' to do this. In initial tests the 20Kg cell appeared the it could 'see' the data, so a smaller 1Kg cell (4540) was acquired from PiHut and wired the same way. It appears that this cell has a tendency to drift. The tolerance is not quite the same. In looking over the Phidget site I found the 3132 micro load cell which has to used with 1046 Bridge. We have a DAQ1500_0, it does appear that it can be used can be used in the same way (just checking...)

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Re: Recommended Load Cell

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The 3132 load cell is intended for use in applications like kitchen scales, where they can be zeroed regularly.

For longer running measurements, FCR4130 is likely closer to what you are looking for if you really need to minimize drift measuring up to 1N (102g). This is a 300g load cell rated for longer operation.

If you want more overhead, I'd recommend FCR4125, which is a 3kg load cell also rated for longer operation.

DAQ1500 will read any of the load cells just fine.
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