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Android App controlling Phidgets Servo connected to RPi

Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:58 am
by Deeko76
Hello all,

I have successfully built an automated switch mechanism for my son's Lego train switching track. It uses the Phidgets webservice installed on a Raspberry Pi 2 (wifi) with the 1001_0 - PhidgetServo 4-Motor and HiTEC Hs-322HD servo connected directly to the Pi (no SBC or USBInterfaceKit used). Some photo links below. I modified the C# servo sample to operate the switch (just needs to rotate 90 degrees either direction to operate). Of course it would be much better to use a mobile app than a laptop or PC to control the switch, hence the following Android question.

I have installed the sample HelloWorldRemote app on my Android device (converted Eclipse project to Android Studio) but it does not pick up the PhidgetServo 4-Motor over the network, it shows nothing (though all my PCs show it through bonjour tab and C# code connects via open(serial,ip, port). Reading further suggests the Android app examples are only for the USBInterfaceKit (and using Eclipse - very out of date!), how can I modify these sample Android projects to work with my current setup (again no SBC or USBInterfaceKit) as there is no sample code to work from? Any pointers would be fantastic.