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Set Data Rate

Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 10:31 am
by dxc536

I'm using the polling method to read in sensor data into matlab and I don't think I understand where to place 'CPhidgetInterfaceKit_setDataRate' in order to change the datarate.

After I run:

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handles.phid = libpointer('int32Ptr');
calllib('phidget21', 'CPhidgetInterfaceKit_create', handles.phid);
calllib('phidget21', 'CPhidget_open', handles.phid, -1);

The following function is used:

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function sensorvalue = analogin_mod(n,phid)

if calllib('phidget21', 'CPhidget_waitForAttachment', phid, 500) == 0
    dataptr = libpointer('int32Ptr', 0);
    if calllib('phidget21', 'CPhidgetInterfaceKit_getSensorValue', phid, n, dataptr) == 0
       sensorvalue = dataptr.Value;
        % clean up
        calllib('phidget21', 'CPhidget_close', phid);
        calllib('phidget21', 'CPhidget_delete', phid);
        error('Error getting sensor data..');
    % clean up
    calllib('phidget21', 'CPhidget_close', phid);
    calllib('phidget21', 'CPhidget_delete', phid);
    error('Could not open InterfaceKit')

I don't run into any errors, but no matter what I change the DataRate to I'm only able to sample at 40 hz. Even if I remove that line from the code I am still sampling at 40 hz.

Any thoughts?


Re: Set Data Rate

Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 2:20 pm
by Patrick
You need to leave the device open. The library will read in several samples as part of initialization on each open.