reading/mounting your SBC SD Card unter Windows 10

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reading/mounting your SBC SD Card unter Windows 10

Postby fajitas23 » Mon Jun 11, 2018 1:14 am

The file format used by the SBC is ext2. Windows does not support this format out of the box.

1) Plug in your micro SD card from your SBC into your Windows PC, you will be asked about formatting the drive.
It will erase all your data.

2) Install ... 2fsd/0.53/
Don't use the latest version (0.69 at the time) as it won't work. See e.g. here:
During installation you will be asked to choose between read only and read/write. I chose the first to be on the safe side.

3) After a restart, you should now be able to open your drive in the windows explore / file system.
If not open Ext2 Volume Manager and check under Tools->Service Management if Ext2Fsd is running. It didn't for me under v0.69 but it does und v0.53 (see point 2)

Best of luck

PS: If anyone is using Putty (pscp) or WinSCP you're welcome to link to useful instructions or write your own. I will attempt to get this working next. Using the Phidget Webinterface for file transfer does not work for me anymore, as the Phidget22 Control Panel is not working properly anymore.

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