Use Phidget control panel without Bonjour???

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Use Phidget control panel without Bonjour???

Postby georgeuk » Wed Mar 03, 2010 12:39 pm

Hi, I've just got my SBC out of the box and starting to explore what it can do.

I want to use the Phidget control panel running the web service to experiment connecting to the SBC to my PC via a CAT5 cable. If I use the SBC I'll be connecting across a third party network. The mention of Bonjour brought a frown to the network guys faces.

In an attempt not to use Bonjour I've gone into the SBC network settings and allocated a static IP address. Once set this address pings OK from my PC.

Is it possible to enter this static IP adddress into the Phidget control panel and switch outputs across my test network??? I haven't managed to get the 'you need Bonjour" caption to disapper yet.


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Re: Use Phidget control panel without Bonjour???

Postby Patrick » Wed Mar 03, 2010 1:11 pm

The control panel examples use Bonjour for finding Phidgets on the network automatically. If you want to open via IP address, you can either modify the example, or specify static IP arguments to the example. The examples are installed into the program files/phidgets/examples folder and accept the following arguments:

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   -n   serialNumber   Serial Number, omit for any serial
   -r         Open remotely
   -s   serverID      Server ID, omit for any server
   -i   ipAddress:port   Ip Address and Port. Port is optional, defaults to 5001
   -p   password      Password, omit for no password

example.exe -n 50098
example.exe -r
example.exe -s myphidgetserver
example.exe -n 45670 -i -p paswrd

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Re: Use Phidget control panel without Bonjour???

Postby fajitas23 » Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:35 am

All you need is the ip Address of the SBC. You can find it with, e.g. the angry IP scanner when the SBC and your PC are connected to the same network.

I was able to connect to the SBC after many attempts. Not sure what made the difference. From there I could open the web interface and install the Debian packages. I wouldn't have known how else to install them (e.g. when using the SBC standalone with a screen and keyboard).
After one day the web interface stopped working (bad user name or password). Fortunately, I can still ssh into the SBC using PuTTy (and using that 'bad' usr/pw combo) and thanks to the debian packages I was able to install python, phidget22 library, emacs, git, etc.

Hi, after much trying, I was able to get Bonjour running on Windows 10 using these introductions:
Specifically, installing the latest Java version from
Then restarting and then reinstalling Bonjour.
If I go under Win+R and enter'services' I can now see Bonjour running, where previously it would stop immediately after starting.

The Phidget Control Panel does now not complain anymore about no Bonjour installation. However, no SBC is detected. I've got my SBC running, using an external monitor and keyboard but also connect through ethernet to my PC.

I also tried to connect to my SBC using Patricks help. But I can't find any example.exe under C:\Program Files\Phidgets\

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