Issues when using 32-bit python on a 64-bit system?

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Issues when using 32-bit python on a 64-bit system?

Postby jburnett » Thu Jun 20, 2019 2:31 pm

I have successfully been using various Phidgets in a few different setups. Today, I ran into a problem where I am unable to open a connection to a VINT hub in Python, even though I am able to connect to the same hub via the Phidgets Control Panel. I've triple-checked the hub serial number, just to be sure that I'm not doing anything dumb (I've been bitten by that stupid mistake before).

I suspect that the issue may be related to the fact that I'm running 32-bit python on this computer (due to the need to use 32-bit libraries for some other parts of my experimental setup), and Phidgets might be trying to load the 64-bit drivers.

Here is the minimum code required to reproduce the problem:

Code: Select all

from Phidget22.Devices.DigitalOutput import DigitalOutput

hub_serial_number = 530304
hub_port_number = 0

ch0 = DigitalOutput()


The error output I get is:

Code: Select all

Traceback (most recent call last):
~~~snip text out here because of the stupid forum software~~~
line 551, in openWaitForAttachment
    raise PhidgetException(result)
Phidget22.PhidgetException.PhidgetException: PhidgetException 0x03 (Timed Out)
No matching devices were found to open. Make sure your device is attached, and that your addressing parameters are specified correctly. If your Phidget has a plug or terminal block for external power, ensure it is plugged in and powered.

Again, the hub shows up in the Phidgets Control Panel, and I've run this same code on other machines that are configured the same, except that they have 64-bit python installed.

Has anyone else run into something similar? Any suggestions?

(Side note, I had to snip out a bunch of the traceback text above because the forum software thought it was an external URL, despite it just being a windows file path. That's super annoying.)

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