VINT DataRate issues

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VINT DataRate issues

Postby nm17 » Thu Aug 01, 2019 1:56 am


I am converting my software from Phidgets DC and VoltageRatioEncoder objects connected via USB hub to a VINT hub.

However I now see many DataRate errors in log files. The software is using the same data rate as before (35ms for VoltageRatioEncoder). Errors dissapear around 200ms DataRate which is too slow for precision application. The software works fine but generates masses of errors which is unhelpful as I should really be stopping software when there is an error condition.

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WARN [phidget22][2019-08-01T08:46:44 dispatch.c+525 insertDispatchEntry()]: Voltage Ratio Input (559174/1/0): too many dispatch entries queued (soft):200 dropping entry (type=14)
WARN [phidget22][2019-08-01T08:46:44 dispatch.c+525 insertDispatchEntry()]: DC Motor Controller (559174/0/0): too many dispatch entries queued (soft):200 dropping entry (type=14)

Both Phidgets driver software & boards are at the latest firmware from today (1 Aug 19).

With reduced DataRates I cannot get timely read-outs from sensors and motors and the application is (as result) making error of magnitude errors.

Why is there a change in DataRate capabilities and can you please advise what to do so to keep the rate down without generating Phidget log errors?

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Re: VINT DataRate issues

Postby Patrick » Thu Aug 01, 2019 9:05 am

This error means that your application is not handling events quickly enough, so the events get queued up and eventually hit the limit.

This is generally caused by doing something slow in the event handlers, but could also be a locking issue, or a general system load issue. Make sure you aren't doing costly operations in event handlers, such as disk IO, etc.


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