Program hangs after opening/attaching 31 channels

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Program hangs after opening/attaching 31 channels

Postby bigj4155 » Sat Dec 01, 2018 8:46 am

Hello everyone

I am in the beginnings of writing this little program so it is still fairly straight forward. What I am running into is this:

SBC4 - at the center with all 6 VINT ports in use
VINT HUB - attached usb with filled with Digital Output Phidgets - this is not even in play yet

On the SBC4 I have :
1 - 16 x Digital Input
2 - ThermoCouplers "4 inputs and the internal sensor"
1 - Humidity Phidget - with its internal temperature
1 - Temperature Phidget
1 - 8 x Voltage Input Phidget

At the moment there is a potential for 36 channels to be active not including the Vint Hub that isnt really used at the moment.

So what I run into is that everything works perfectly until I try to open that 32 channel. If I comment out a random sensor "say the humidity sensor" then I can attach an extra digital input channel.

Program is super basic at the moment, I have a button on a form that calls all of the setup methods for each channel. Each channel has the whole stack "setup phidget channel / attach / detach / error / change events" Each channel is setup directly "not using Manager" When I add the 32 channel I always get a error on the attach event when I try to set min datainterval or minDataChange with a : Phidget22.PhidgetException: 'PhidgetException 0x00000003

I know its something I have screwed up or Im looking at the programming wrong because if I open all of these same sensors in the Phidget Control panel it will open all of the sensors all at once with no problem.

Edit - This is hooked up over the network and not usb

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