Stepper Controller and Motor Noise

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Stepper Controller and Motor Noise

Postby *++argv » Sat Jun 24, 2017 5:29 am

Using the 1067 controller with a 3303 motor.

AFAIU, the motor power is handled by the controller, which "hashes" the current at a given frequency.

For instance, to get half-power, roughly, the controller would provide the motor with full power for 0.5 T, and give no current for 0.5 T.
And to get 75% power, it would be 0.75 T ON and 0.25 T OFF (roughly).

T matters. It's the base unit of "hash" time.

Don't know what it is for the 1067, but T is small enough to generate a very audible sound (10 ms?).
Sound having a higher pitch at higher velocities.

My question(s)

Is it possible to change T, to actually slow the the hashing down, and thus having a lower-pitch sound? For instance, if it's 10 ms, going down to T = 100 ms?
The motor having some inertia, and the ratio being the same (75% T is still 75% power, whatever T, as long as T is not too big...), the frequency change would have an impact on the sound generated.

More generally, is it possible to change the power-hashing frequency?

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