Axes of the Spatial 3/3/3 1056

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Axes of the Spatial 3/3/3 1056

Postby smirkingman » Fri Sep 20, 2019 9:17 am

I'm a little confused over the axes of the magnetometer, gyro and accelerometer, which I need in NED (Nort, East, Down) form.

Empirically, I find for each sensor (0=X, 1=Y, 2=Z):

magnetometer: X +ve north, Y +ve west, Z +ve down
gyro: X +ve CW rotation on the X axis (roll), Y +ve CW rotation on the Y axis (pitch), Z +ve CCW rotation on the Z axis (yaw)
accelerometer: X +ve North Y: +ve East Z: +ve Down

This all seems to line up except for the magnetometer Y, which I expected to be positive East (and not West). Am I mistaken?

If someone could post a drawing explaining the relations between the 0/1/2 indices, North/East/Down, Pitch/Roll/Yaw and the rotation directions for each sensor it would be very helpful

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