Wireless VINT Hub ( ID: HUB5000_0 ) Limitations

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Wireless VINT Hub ( ID: HUB5000_0 ) Limitations

Postby Jokerminator » Sun Sep 01, 2019 4:23 am


I am very happy about the release of the Wireless VINT Hub because my robotics project seems now to be possible at a reasonable price with it. :D

But I didn't find any limitations in the specifications so I'll just describe my current setup plan.

I want to use the Wireless VINT Hub to control my robot. ( I know that I'll need more hardware like for example two 16x RC Servo Phidget ( ID: RCC1000_0 ) connected to the VINT etc. )

The following parts would be connected to one Wireless VINT Hub:

[*]24+ servos -- with a couple of movement speed updates per second for each servo, for a natural-looking walking cycle
[*]8 pressure sensors
[*]16 infrared sensors
[*]1 Spatial Phidget ( ID: MOT1101_0 )

The simple question is if the VINT can handle so much hardware.
Can it ? :)

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Re: Wireless VINT Hub ( ID: HUB5000_0 ) Limitations

Postby Patrick » Wed Sep 04, 2019 2:34 pm

This should be possible with 3x DAQ1000 boards for all the sensors, and 2x RCC1000 for the servos. Performance/latency will depend a lot on your Wireless environment.

Keep in mind that user code cannot be run directly on the HUB5000, so you will need to have your control program running on a remote PC / Smartphone. You may want to look into SBC3003 if you want it to be autonomous.


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