2wire RTD @TMP1200 via VINT

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2wire RTD @TMP1200 via VINT

Postby haiikun » Thu Dec 27, 2018 6:27 pm

Hi guys,
my problem seems pretty basic but nethertheless I'm stuck.
I would like to measure a 2wire / 3wire (doesn't matter at the moment) RTD sensor. Therefor I ordered a Hub0000_0 VINT USB Hub & a couple of TMP1200_0 RTD Phidgets

Starting with the two wire method I attached the two cables to RTD+ and RTD- (in my case red + blue, the other blue wire remains unconnected).

First problem:
Trying to setup in the phidget controll panel and adjusting the sensor to 2 wire, every setting remains unsaved.

Second problem
I always get the problem "Saturation Detected."

I hope for a pretty obvious and easy solution, as it feels to crazy (I tried mac + win though to cutout this possiblity).

Thank you for every idea / bits and pieces,

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Re: 2wire RTD @TMP1200 via VINT

Postby jdecoux » Thu Jan 03, 2019 9:59 am

1. The control panel example is designed to always open in the default state, as it is intended more as a diagnostic tool to verify the Phidget is working as intended.

2. To get measurements out of the TMP1200 in 2-wire mode, you will need to connect the EXC+ terminal to the RTD+ terminal, and the EXC- terminal to the RTD- terminal for the sensor to measure correctly.

You can check the Wiring Modes section of the TMP1200 User Guide for more informaiton about wiring the RTD.

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