Shaft adapter to stepper motor

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Shaft adapter to stepper motor

Postby jingleby » Mon Dec 17, 2018 12:55 pm

I purchased a phidgets 3531 and 4109 to create a tool where I can measure RPS for various stepper motors in an installation. I am having a difficult time figuring out a way to cleanly mount the encoder in a way that I can rather quickly move the rig to a new stepper motor and test the speed (without rubbing inside the encoder).

I am using an M4 screw to attach the Encoder to the flex couple to the stepper shaft (5mm). This is all mounted to a 3D printed brace so the centre of the stepper barrel should be aligned with the centre of the encoder mount.

No matter what i try I can't get the shaft to be cleanly lined up enough and am worried about friction wearing down the components while they spin at 10 RPS. Slowly rotating the shaft with the coupler clearly shows a bit of a wobble. I'm pretty sure this is because the flex coupler has 2 set-heads which push the M4 slightly in one direction.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been to many hardware stores to try and find a better solution but without luck.

RPS Setup: ... r.PNG?dl=0
(ignore white cap on encoder...replaced with flex coupler)

flex coupler example:

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