WheatStone Bridge Resistence

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WheatStone Bridge Resistence

Postby enceinte.health » Thu Apr 08, 2021 3:20 pm

We have been working with Phidget load cells and Wheatstone bridges. We are now working with a load cell manufacturer to develop custom load cells to better fit our use case. We are hoping to continue using Phidget Wheatstone bridges with the new load cells. A concern that came up was the resistance of the bridges. From what I was told, the industry standards are either 300 or 1000 Ohms. No resistance is listed in the spec sheet for the Wheatstone bridge. The resistance for the Phidget Load cells we have been using is 350 Ohms.

Will the Phidget WB only function properly with load cells of 350 Ohms? Can anyone educate me on the resistance relationship between a load cell and its WB?

Wheatstone Bridge: https://www.phidgets.com/?tier=3&catid=64&pcid=57&prodid=957

Load Cell: https://www.phidgets.com/?tier=3&catid=9&pcid=7&prodid=228

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