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1047_1 and Phidget Optical Rotary Encoder ISC3004 (PHI-3530_0) throws error

Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 10:15 am
by mindthegap

(my first message was delete ter I changed something!)

ok, buttons working, when rotating the sensor flash throws the error. after I click dismiss I can read all value, when stopping to rotate flash throws an error again.

Code: Select all

at com.phidgets::Phidget/indexArray()...\Flash\com\phidgets\]
   at com.phidgets::PhidgetEncoder/getTimeChange()...\Flash\com\phidgets\]
   at RFIDExample/onPositionChange()[RFIDExample::frame1:43]
   at com.phidgets::PhidgetEncoder/onSpecificPhidgetData()...\Flash\com\phidgets\]
   at com.phidgets::Phidget/onPhidgetData()...\Flash\com\phidgets\]
   at com.phidgets::PhidgetSocket/onSocketData()...\Flash\com\phidgets\]