Problem phidgets 1047 and absolute encoder.

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Problem phidgets 1047 and absolute encoder.

Postby rodoipn » Mon Aug 01, 2011 4:21 pm

I´m writing because I have a problem with my card activation Phidgets1047, I want to use it in MATLAB and Simulink, my problem is at the time of writing the serial number on my card and when I push apply MATLAB gives me an error in the flag and not allow me to continue with the simulation, the code of my card is 167696, attached my codes for request in the most attentive support, I´m using the card to read an absolute encoder.
These are my programs I´m using your examples.
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Re: Problem phidgets 1047 and absolute encoder.

Postby mphi » Tue Aug 02, 2011 11:05 am

Please note that the only Simulink example we have so far is for the PhidgetInterfaceKit. If you wish to use other Phidgets with Simulink, you will have to create an object of that particular type. Details on how to do this is written in the Getting Started Guide for Simulink.

Lastly, the reason why pressing "Apply" gives you an error message when entering a serial number could be because you are not loading the Phidget21 library.

From your modified PhidgetInterfaceKit.m, you have
if libisloaded('phidget21')
loadlibrary('phidget21', 'phidget21Matlab.h');

You should change this to:
if ~libisloaded('phidget21')
loadlibrary('phidget21', 'phidget21Matlab.h');

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