Use Voltage dividers and sensors with Innovate SSI-4

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Use Voltage dividers and sensors with Innovate SSI-4

Postby REO » Mon Jan 27, 2014 10:24 am

Hello everybody,

hope you can help me a little bit with my car-pc project.

I want to use some phidgets parts with my car-pc system.

For dataloging I use an Innovate motorsports SSI-4 device.

It is also using 0-5V inputs and 5V power supply up to 300mA

I want to use VDO aftermarket sensors like Oil pressure, Oil temperatur, boost pressure and air temperatur sensors and display it over the SSI-4 software on the Car-PC.

For example this sensors: ... daten.html ... daten.html

Is it possible to use the Phidgets voltage divider 1121_0 to convert the resistance values to 0-5Volt signals?

Is it also possible to use any other phidgets sensor convert it into 0-5 Volts and display it over the SSI-4?

Thank you very much in advance for the information.

Best Regards from Austria


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