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FlowStone FREE + PAYG

Postby DSPRobotics » Sat Sep 11, 2010 10:52 am

Make EXE’s with FlowStone FREE!

We have had a lot of requests to make EXE files from FlowStone FREE, obviously this is one of the limitations of being a free version! Currently only FlowStone Enterprise and FlowStone Pro have the ability to make stand alone EXE files.

That was until now! Now there is a half way house where you can Pay As You Go (PAYG) for EXE credits!

Yes that right, using your exiting software, go to the Make EXE button and it will now allow you to purchase credits to make your own stand alone EXE files.

This means that you can use FlowStone free for as long as you like and only pay a small amount when you are finished and have fully tested your application.

Lots more users can see the power of FlowStone without having to commit to buy the more expensive full versions! If you are a power user then for sure it will be better to upgrade to a full version where you can make unlimited EXE files and gain some of the additional features etc. But at least you will know what you are investing in, before you commit!

FlowStone FREE + PAYG was released today!

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