Pulse sensors and Phidgets for water project

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Pulse sensors and Phidgets for water project

Postby jchu45 » Fri Jul 12, 2013 2:17 am

I am running a drinking water project in a developing country and am building an Android-based remote monitoring system to manage the system. I'm looking for a low cost way to implement sensing and control and I believe Phidgets has part of that answer. The Industrial Control Systems that they use in public utilities and big plants are too big and expensive for my little water kiosks.

I'd like to get some help from a few Phidgets experts to help me understand how I can do this with the Phidgets SBC, some Phidgets sensors, and interfacing some other third-party sensors to the SBC to produce a data feed on an Android / Linux platform.

More specifically, I have pulse meters such as the one at the link below along with Phidgets ORP and pH sensors. I'd like to interface them with the SBC. The SBC will connect via WiFi to place a csv file of the data onto a remote server.
http://catalog.gpi.net/item/industrial- ... acktoname=

Regardless, I'd love to get some of your help a very worthwhile project if you have some free time


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