Securing a USB port

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Securing a USB port

Postby bushbyn1 » Sat May 12, 2012 7:12 am

Imagine a publicly accessible PC with a USB port accessible to the user (bad idea from the start, I know, not my choice!). Assume everything else is physically secure except the main power.

I'm wondering if there is some other device/hardware I can put between the USB port and the PC that will allow me to turn that port on from my application, with it normally off at all other times (particularly if power is cycled). Ideally a single device that sits as a 'mad in the middle' on the USB connection with no other power/data connections.

Seems like a Phidget relay could work, but that requires manually re-wiring the USB cable to go through it (which USB pin[s] would you route through it?). I'd like to avoid rewiring if I can.

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Re: Securing a USB port

Postby Jacob » Sun May 13, 2012 7:46 pm

Get a 1017 and you can route the pins of the USB cable (it doesn't need to be all of them. For example, if you did one of the data pins, you could allow people to charge phones but not transfer data. Clipping one power pin is not enough if you want to remove data, you need to do at least one power, and one data) through the normally open of the relays. Then the USB is disconnected except when you make a call from your program to turn the device on.

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