Missing measurements on PhidgetBridge 1046

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Missing measurements on PhidgetBridge 1046

Postby arnopluk » Mon May 13, 2019 1:56 am


I'm using the PhidgetBridge 1046 to measure 4 load cells on a Raspberry Pi 3B (and 3B+) in python 2.7. In my software I measure all four channels at 125Hz and store the data into a csv file.
The problem is, that I get a different number of measurements from each channel.
I use the code below (simplified). Since the 'BrideDataHandler' is called for each single measurement (from a single load cell), there is no way to check if all sensors are sampled an equal amount of time.
When reviewing my data, I can see that there is some increasing 'drift' between the channels, which indicates that some samples are missing.

Code: Select all

# Bridge data and functions
class BridgeFunctions():

    # Bridge sensor connection
    bridge = Bridge()
    fileBuffer = [[] for _ in range(4)]
    def BridgeData(self, e):
        sensor = e.index
        data = e.value

    def attachBridge(self, e):
        # Configure
        self.bridge.setGain(0, BridgeGain.PHIDGET_BRIDGE_GAIN_128)
        self.bridge.setGain(1, BridgeGain.PHIDGET_BRIDGE_GAIN_128)
        self.bridge.setGain(2, BridgeGain.PHIDGET_BRIDGE_GAIN_128)
        self.bridge.setGain(3, BridgeGain.PHIDGET_BRIDGE_GAIN_128)
        # Start measurement
        self.bridge.setEnabled(0, True)
        self.bridge.setEnabled(1, True)
        self.bridge.setEnabled(2, True)
        self.bridge.setEnabled(3, True)
    def connectBridge(self):

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