Reference problems/questions - Phidget21.NET/Phidget21COM

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Reference problems/questions - Phidget21.NET/Phidget21COM

Postby Yabbie » Thu May 26, 2016 10:41 pm


Runnings Windows 10 x64.

Installed the Phidgets library, by default, the only reference that seems available is Phidgets21COM. Why is that? I'm using VS2015, C# project.

Eventually, I worked out that if I added the reference to the DLL manually (by browsing), I could avoid the problem.

However, being extra clever, I saw Phidget21.NET1.1 I assumed this must be newer/better. How wrong I was! Using this version meant that whenever I tried to update the text in a textbox, I got cross-threading exceptions.

When I finally gave up and just used Phidget21.NET, everything worked perfectly!

So, my questions are:
1 - Why was the default reference available Phiget21COM not Phidget21.NET?
2 - What is Phiget21.NET1.1 for?

Thank you in advance.

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