Spatial 3/3/3 and AdvancedServo Pan, Tilt and Roll.

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Spatial 3/3/3 and AdvancedServo Pan, Tilt and Roll.

Postby Maximus_Rumpas » Tue Jan 03, 2012 1:40 pm

Hi All,

I am fairly new to Phidgets and C# programming but I have been planning this project for some time and I would be grateful for some advice before I dive in.

I am building a submersible vehicle (ROV). The vision system is a GoPro Hero HD camera mounted on a custom unit, with 3 servos controlling Pan, Tilt and Roll.

I would like to stabilise the camera so that it is not affected by the attitude of the ROV.

Looking at the excample code supplied for the Spatial, I am unsure what values I should be using - is it the Gyro X,Y, Z or the Pitch, Roll and Heading values?

I assume that I will need variables that hold the last axis positions and test the next set of positions against them to detect movement?

I am also haveing trouble understanding how I might interpret the values into instructions to move the servos to a new position?

Any advice, suggestions, code or encouragement would be most welcome.

Kind regards
Maximus Rumpas.

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