Automatic Dog Door


Automatic Dog Door

Postby spoilerons » Sun Apr 03, 2011 10:55 pm

I used an old Phidget Interfacekit 8/8/8 (1013), 2 motion detectors and some fishing line as the basis for an automatically-opening doggie door:

Parts List
1 Phidget Interface Kit 8/8/8 (1013)
2 Phidget Dual Relay Boards (3051)
2 Hamlin magnetic sensors (SPST) Digikey # 59135-010-ND
2 Coto Reed Relays (SPST) Digikey # 306-1013-ND
2 GM3 Gear Motors, 224:1, 90 deg output shaft, 3-6V
1 diametrically magnetized ring magnet, K&J Magnetics # R424DIA
3 6v wall warts
1 small spool 8 lb test fishing line
hook-up wire
6071 sheet aluminum to fabricate brackets
sheet acrylic for the door itself
asst nuts and bolts

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