Looking for freelancer in Phidget and Flash AS3 development

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Looking for freelancer in Phidget and Flash AS3 development

Postby micheal » Wed Jun 13, 2012 12:51 am

Greetings! (*sorry I posted twice in this forum)

I am from Malaysia and I am now doing research on Flash and Phidget devices integration. Are there anyone, or any freelancer able to help me to write the phidgets code for my system on freelance basis? I have a big problem in integrating the phidgets devices with my system. I have tried to integrate the devices by referring to the sample files but still unsuccessful. I can run the sample files but my own files are more complicated where they are full of classes, arrays, contain external files and functions split here and there until I don't know how and where to put the phidgets code.

If anyone know Actionscripts 3.0 very well and is able to help, please contact me as soon as possible via this phidget email or personal email. My personal email is past_now_and_then@hotmail.com. As I know this would need considerable investment of time, so to sincerely appreciate the freelancer's efforts, I am ready to offer a token of appreciation by paying development fees. I really need help to complete my research for my university.

*IMPORTANT: I am only student, so pls no cheating please on any way. I trust fully the respecful freelancer who contact me. Pls only those willing, sincere and skillful freelancer to contact me. As time is rushing for me, so pls no trying and testing also. Thank you very much!!!

If there is any freelancer, I am planning like this - Please contact me immediately and I would ask for your contact phone number and email address. Then I will send all my files to the freelancer directly and then call the freelancer from Malaysia so that I can clarify to the freelancer clearer what I wish to do. After that, I would kindly ask the freelancer to look through the files, and subsequently let me know his price for the development. If the price is affordable, I will pay half first and once completed; I will pay the balance immediately after checking no bug on the system. Altogether I have about 4 or 5 Flash (*.Fla) files. 1 is quiz file, 3 are open source simple game files downloaded from Internet, and 1 resources files. All in Flash CS5.5 Actionscript 3.0.

I am NOT asking to build the whole Flash system, so the freelancer needs not worry will need to spend too much time. The freelancer just needs to help me to write the codes that can integrate with various phidgets devices. For example, in quiz files, if the user points the right tag to the RFID reader, the system will respond correctly and do counting. In game files, the user can use the phidget 1112_1 slider 60mm to control movie clips. In resources files, by touching the touch sensor or reposition the spatial sensor, the users can access certain information. I think if the freelancer is familiar With phidget, I feel it can be done easily. Of course, some of my Flash codes may need structural change for integrating the phidgets codes. As I am only look for phidget code, so after the freelancer look through the files and if he feels he can do it, then I wish the freelancer can complete the coding within 10 to 15 days.

So far, I could not find any other person in my region to do the integration. In Malaysia, it looks like I am the first one to discover these devices and explore them. Another things, although this is a student research, there is no worry about dishonesty problem. I am given permission to look for other people to develop system for me. I am not doing an assignment for my university, but a research for testing a framework for children learning. The system that I am asking for help is a tool to implement my framework and test my framework.

OK, that's all, thank you very much. Wish to have a favourable reply from someone.

Terima kasih.


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