Action Script3 + rfid + wifi

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Action Script3 + rfid + wifi

Postby rlopez » Tue Aug 09, 2011 2:37 pm

Hi, I'm interested in using Action Script 3.0 with Flash to get information from tags read by means of a Phidget RFID. Also, I'd like to transmit that information via wifi to a server without using a PC between the PhidgetRFID and the server.

My questions are the following:

- Can I achieve what I've described above using only products (like, for example, an SBC or any other you can tell me)?

- If that is the case, would the solution allow me to treat the devices in the middle transparently? I mean, could I operate as if I only had a PhidgetRFID and a server?

Thanks in advance


Re: Action Script3 + rfid + wifi

Postby judthryn » Fri Oct 14, 2011 11:35 pm

You will need the ActionScript libraries from the Flash AS3 examples to program with Phidgets,
and the Phidget Framework to use them. After the Framework is installed, you must also enable
the WebService in the Phidget Control Panel for any programs using the AS3 libraries. We also
recommend that you download from the programming section the following reference materials:
• AS3 API Manual
• Programming Manual
• The Product Manual for your device
The AS3 API manual contains calls and events for every type of Phidget and can be used as a
reference. You can find a high level discussion about programming with Phidgets in general in the
Programming Manual. The Product manual for your device also contains an API section that describes
limitations, defaults, and implementation details specific to your Phidget. You may want to have
these manuals open while working through these instructions.

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